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As much as necessary, as little as possible: With our intelligent smart spraying solution, farmers only apply herbicides where they are really needed. This reduces costs while increasing crop yields, and also protects the soil and the environment.

Smart Spraying combines xarvio's agronomic and digital expertise with Bosch's software and system integration expertise, as well as proven hardware from Bosch's large-scale production, to create a holistic solution for effective weed management in the field.


Up to


herbicide savings*

Reliable weed detection





Applicable by day and night

* Field trials in 2020 have shown that smart spraying can help reduce herbicide use by up to 70% when used correctly. Savings vary widely and depend on the weed pressure of each field. The results are based on real field tests.

What are the benefits of Smart Spraying?

Spray less, save more: Smart Spraying provides farmers with a holistic solution for effective weed management. The system reliably identifies weeds and applies herbicides with high precision only where they are really needed. As the amount of herbicide needed decreases, so do the costs per hectare, and weed resistance is effectively prevented. This safeguards crop yields and protects the environment at the same time.

At the same time, the intelligent system is able to detect even very small weeds (6 mm x 6 mm) before and after sowing ("green on brown" and "green on green"), distinguish them from crop plants and decide in real time on the ideal application. Thanks to integrated light modules, the system can be used regardless of the time of day or night.

The holistic solution also supports farmers in weed management with valuable decision support based on comprehensive agronomic intelligence from xarvio. This includes recommendations on the selection of the most effective herbicide and the optimal timing of application.

The agronomic intelligence of xarvio:

  • analyzes weed types in the field,
  • defines the most efficient herbicides and their dosage for the tank, based on the weed types,
  • controls the individual spray nozzles live in the field, based on the camera inputs, or the number of weeds,
  • documents all crop management actions and analyzes their outcome to provide more accurate recommendations in the future and continuously improve the weed profile of the fields.

How does Smart Spraying work?

The intelligent spraying system supports farmers in five largely automated steps for optimal weed management in their fields. The production-ready technology combines xarvio's agronomic intelligence with proven hardware components from Bosch's large-scale production and has been developed and tested in accordance with ISO 15003, ISO 14982 and ISO 25119 safety standards.

xarvio's intelligent algorithms use a threshold concept to decide whether the application of an herbicide is necessary. This means that herbicides are only applied where the weed growth has a detrimental effect on weed management. The corresponding thresholds have been validated and continuously optimized through several years of field trials. Farmers have the option of selecting a high or low damage threshold depending on the field.


Digital intelligence and proven hardware:
The system components of Smart Spraying


Internationally successful field tests

Our Smart Spraying solution has already proven its benefits for farmers in diverse regions of the world and under a wide range of climatic conditions. With our project house, founded in 2016 in cooperation between Bosch and xarvio, we have extensively tested Smart Spraying in field tests in various countries and are continuously developing the technology further.

This includes not only endurance tests on various fields, but also ongoing training of the smart algorithms and tests of the efficiencies of different spraying strategies and weed thresholds - from the highest possible herbicide savings to maximum crop yield.

Learn more about the results of our field tests and the feedback from our partners.



Benefit for farmers

Higher profitability

The more precise application of herbicides reduces the amount of product needed by up to 70 percent. This means that costs per hectare can be reduced, or more effective herbicides can be used without increasing overall costs. This enables much more effective weed and resistance management. In addition, we also help to reduce the fuel consumption of machines used and the need for labour, as the sprayer needs to be filled less often for the same output per hectare.

More sustainable agriculture

Reducing the amount of herbicide and choosing the optimal herbicide not only saves costs, but also reduces the impact on the environment. Biodiversity is conserved and weed resistance is reduced.

Convenient for users

The Smart Spraying solution is user-friendly and easy to use, allowing the all decisions about the optimal use of herbicides in the field and automates them. and automates them, while also allowing the farmer to revise the recommendations at any time.


We enable future data-driven decision opportunities for the farmer that will be enhanced by our ADE. By collecting many information, such as weed coverage and distribution, the system and support farmers to make better decisions and benefit from the technology.

Benefits for manufacturers

For individual needs

Our modular and expandable system is designed to fit your exact field sprayer length, making it suitable for diverse markets and cropping systems.

Robust and precise

The intelligent image processing algorithms from Bosch classify and analyze reliably - no matter under what field conditions.

Advanced application

Our Smart Spraying technology detects weeds before and after crop emergence.

Series production and quality

Based on Bosch's high-volume standards, we deliver a proven and extremely reliable system solution with Smart Spraying.

Two strong partners

With our joint venture, we are pooling our agronomic knowledge and hardware expertise, combining them to create a highly efficient, innovative solution.

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