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Precise application of herbicides

Why treat the whole field when it is only necessary in a few places?

Thanks to the combination of camera sensor technology and artificial intelligence from Bosch, in addition with the agronomic intelligence from BASF's xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, our smart Spraying Technology identifies and analyzes weeds. Herbicide application follows only for necessary zones. The Agronomic Decision Engine (ADE) from xarvio determines the ideal timing and the exact dosage, and the sprayer applies it in a fraction of a second. The collected data is sent back to the ADE for documentation and optimization. We offer our customers a unique combination a digital product and a hardware solution for automated weed management that applies products only where it is really necessary.

Smart Spraying Highlights

Up to

70 %*

less herbicide use



Day and night operation

Suitable for

Pre- and post emergence

* Field trials in 2020 showed that Smart Spraying, if used correctly, can reduce herbicide use by up to 70%. The savings can vary in result depending on the weed pressure of the respective field. The results are based on field trails.

How does Smart Spraying work?



You, as an expert, provide the information about your crops and then the Agronomic Decision Engine (ADE) from xarvio informs you about the ideal application timing. Based on your field-specific parameters, it also recommends the tank mix and the appropriate dosage of herbicides. The result is maximum efficiency and maximum savings of herbicides.



Several cameras from Bosch continuously record the soil over the entire working width of the field sprayer. They create a complete and precise image of the field, including the plants and weeds.


Decision making

In real time, intelligent image processing algorithms analyze the images, recognize the weeds and additionally determine the future effects on the yield and field situation.



Spraying — but only where it is necessary. On the basis of the automated inputs from the camera and the ADE, the nozzles of the sprayer are activated and the application starts in a targeted manner. Thus, only a few hundred milliseconds pass between the detection and the control of weeds.



From weed to application maps: With the help of the ADE, all processes are automatically documented. You get a clear overview and can verify success — comprehensibly and understandably. We improve the ADE continuously for you by considering previous calculations for the generated data (closed feedback loops).

Benefits of Smart Spraying

for farmers

Higher profits
per hectare

The application of herbicides only where needed allows the use of powerful and costintensive herbicides. The result: efficient weed control, even for weeds with resistance problems, and higher profits. Do you already use the optimal herbicides? Smart Spraying reduces the amount by up to 70% on average and therefore ensures higher profits.


We offer you full automation of your weed management. With the help of xarvio's digital tools, we provide a digital companion for every step of your weed management. This way, we minimize sources of error and give you more time to work on your farm.


The protection of your most important capital — your healthy soil — is close to our hearts. Therefore, we limit the use of herbicides only to those areas where it is really necessary. As a result, the risk of drift and leaching gets reduced as well.

Benefits of Smart Spraying

for manufacturers

For individual

Our modular and expandable system is designed exactly for your field sprayer length and is therefore suitable for diverse markets and cultivation systems.

Robust and

The intelligent image processing algorithms from Bosch classify and analyze reliably, regardless of the field conditions.


Our Smart Spraying technology detects weeds before and after emergence.

Ready for series
production and quality

Based on the large-scale technology from Bosch, with Smart Spraying, we deliver a proven and reliable system solution.

BASF und Bosch —
two strong partners

With our joint venture, we are combining our agronomic knowledge and hardware expertise to create an innovative solution.

Intelligent Planting

High crop yields through ideal seed placement

High yields and maximum productivity play a crucial role in agriculture.

One important factor: the correct placement of seeds. The optimal seeding process is the heart of our Intelligent Planting solution. Intelligent Planting combines intelligent software with tried-and-tested components from Bosch's large-scale production. Networking and sensor data form the basis of the innovative system. A system that collects and processes information in real time. Intelligent Planting thus enables you to run highly efficient seed applications and have flexible control over the entire seeding and planting process.

What does Intelligent Planting offer?

Full control with curved seeding lines

Curved or arched seeding lines: the route is not always even, but Intelligent Planting finds a way. Thanks to automatic control and individual adjustment for the inner and outer radius, our system prevents uncontrolled planting and guarantees optimal seeding, even on difficult fields.

Overlap control

Double seedings on overlapping planting rows and unnecessary seed costs: with Intelligent Planting, this is a thing of the past. The system recognizes already planted areas automatically and deactivates the corresponding seed lines as soon as the planted row begins — and seamlessly resumes as soon as the area that has already been cultivated ends.

Dynamic seed rate application

Soil fertility is important, but not always to the same degree in the field. With the help of the Agronomic Decision Engine (ADE) from xarvio, we separate your fields into “power zones”. A pool of different data sets, such as satellite images, provide the basis for this. Our Intelligent Planting solution uses the generated maps for variable seed and fertilizer applications. The result: maximum yield in every “power zones”.



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With our agronomic know-how and our hardware expertise, we establish holistic systems, combine artificial intelligence with sophisticated technology, and deliver real added value. Our customers are farmers and manufacturers all over the world who think one step ahead. Whether it is decision-making aids for weed management or intelligent systems for the optimized use of crop protection products, our easy-to-use systems increase the efficiency of your entire business. With our joint venture — Bosch BASF Smart Farming — we are the game changer in agriculture and with us, the future begins today.


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