Our mission: more efficiency and sustainability in your field

With our joint venture Bosch BASF Smart Farming, we are the game changer in agriculture - because with us, the future starts today. Based on our agronomic expertise and hardware competence, we enable holistic systems, combine artificial intelligence with sophisticated technology and deliver real added value for agriculture.

Our customers are farmers and manufacturers around the world who think one step ahead. Because, after all, that's what we do. Whether it's decision support for weed management, intelligent systems for optimized use of crop protection products, or automated solutions for highly efficient and precise seeding, our easy-to-use systems increase the efficiency of your entire business.

By combining the resources, experience and expertise of two global companies, we can offer our customers integrated solutions from a single source, combining the best technology available on the market with advanced agronomic intelligence. BASF brings its digital expertise to the joint venture under the xarvio Digital Farming Solutions brand. With our project houses already established in Germany and Brazil in 2016, we are able to test our systems extensively under real conditions in the field and continuously develop them further.

Embedded software and
connectivity components

System integration competence

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Agronomic competence

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„With Smart Spraying, we are bringing a new product and a completely new approach to the market - a solution that optimizes input costs through more precise, efficient and reduced herbicide use, while providing better weed management. Smart Spraying's ability to identify weeds based on detailed agronomic knowledge, decide whether they are yield-relevant and apply herbicides only when they are, not only pays off financially for the farmer, but is also good for sustainability, biodiversity and our environment.“

Silvia Cifre-Wibrow


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