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What is Smart Farming?

Through the use of smart farming solutions, farmers worldwide benefit from modern digital technology from xarvio. This includes IT, software, artificial intelligence and networking. Combined with connected, proven large-scale technology from Bosch in the field, smart farming increases efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.


Our Smart Farming Solutions

Smart Spraying

Targeted application of herbicides
for more efficiency

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Intelligent Planting

Efficient seed placement for high
crop yields

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Why is smart farming important?

Farmers around the world are facing major challenges today. On the one hand, the growing world population is creating increasing demand for agricultural products, while on the other hand, more extreme weather conditions and increasing herbicide resistance are putting pressure on yields in the fields.

Farmers therefore need solutions that improve profitability and productivity on their farms while protecting their fields in the best possible way. Modern smart farming technologies can contribute to this by enabling more efficient and higher-performing agriculture and also ensuring greater sustainability in the fields.


Save resources

Smart farming solutions ensure optimal seed distribution for optimum harvest results and reduce the need for herbicides. This allows costs to be optimized while increasing yields.

Sustainable development

With our Smart Spraying solution, growers can reduce the amount of herbicide in their fields by up to 70%. This protects the environment and reduces weed resistance.

Increase productivity

Intelligent optimization of sowing and fertilizer use can increase crop yields by up to 13%, depending on the field and environmental conditions.



Shape the agriculture of tomorrow with us

With our joint venture Bosch BASF Smart Farming, we are pursuing a clear goal: greater efficiency and sustainability in your field. To achieve this, we combine the technical expertise with the agronomic know-how of two world-leading companies to create integrated and sophisticated solutions for the agriculture of the future.

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