Precision Equipment, Digital Tools, and Agronomic Intelligence



Save resources

Smart farming solutions ensure optimal seed distribution for optimum harvest results and efficiently apply contact herbicides only where needed. This allows costs to be optimized while increasing yields.

Sustainable development

With our Smart Spraying solution, growers can reduce the amount of herbicide in their fields by up to 70%. This protects the environment and reduces weed resistance.

Increase productivity

Intelligent optimization of sowing and fertilizer use can increase crop yields by up to 13%, depending on the field and environmental conditions.

Better decision making

Agronomic intelligence enables smart decision making by recommending optimal weed management strategies based on individual field needs.

Data driven intelligence

Data driven intelligence automates working processes on the farm and provides optimal recommendations for when, where what to spray. Furthermore, the collected data is readily available for the farmer to provide additional insights in their field with weed coverage, as applied and emergence maps. Spotapplication of contact herbicides reduces the amount of refills, and fuel consumption thus enables the farmer to do more in less time.


Our Smart Farming Solutions

Shape the agriculture of tomorrow with us

With our joint venture Bosch BASF Smart Farming, we are pursuing a clear goal: greater efficiency and sustainability in your field. To achieve this, we combine the technical expertise with the agronomic know-how of two world-leading companies to create integrated and sophisticated solutions for the agriculture of the future.

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